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"Strategy: What IS it? HOW to develop actionable plans"

A 3-part webinar video series

Here's a very special offer to buy, at an 80% discount, my 3-part Webinar "Strategy: What IS it? HOW to develop actionable plans". In the Executive Summary video below, I present the headlines of my battle-proven strategic planning method.

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"Strategy: What IS it?  HOW to develop actionable plans"
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I am so confident of my method, that I will return your money if, within 30 days of watching the Webinar, you do not see yourself achieving better results with my approach.

From: Paul J. Leigh, Business Partner, Fortune 500 Ag company 

"Dr Robertson’s StratSnap workshops were transformative... His method enabled the team to reach consensus on what our critical problems were, and on a plan of approach to address them. StratSnap ensured that we quantified our thinking and thrashed out our differences. It provided a basis for year-on-year performance measurement... The metrics also gave us a lever to ask for resources to move the needle, very helpful during the budgeting cycle. Highly recommended."
Dr James A Robertson
Dr James A Robertson

Career History

  • Practising Engineer
  • Military Commander
  • Schooled in Economics
  • ​Executive Consultant
  • ​Author
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I have a very special offer for you - an opportunity to obtain my Webinar entitled, “Strategy: What is it? HOW to develop actionable plans” which will give you a deeper understanding of what is required to bring about enduring organizational strategic change. You can purchase this today for $47, an 80% DISCOUNT on its usual price of $247 and a small fraction of its real value once implemented.
I have been schooled in economics, am an engineer by training, and a former military commander. My unique background, including decades of executive-level consulting, informs my robust strategic planning method. The Webinar that I invite you to attend will give you a comprehensive understanding of the approach that I advocate so that you can see how logical it is and how it is capable of delivering results that no one else can match.
I encourage you to  purchase my Webinar now at this very special price. I am confident that you will find it good value.
Warm regards, 
James Robertson 

The big question on my clients’ minds is the huge challenge of strategic plans that fail to deliver the required business improvement.

Around 90% of strategic plans fail to fully deliver what was promised. A lower, but still high percentage deliver substantially less than what was promised. Many executives express frustration and say they have lowered their expectations. But with my method it is possible to fully realise your engineered plan.
My strategic planning method is fundamentally different:
- Critical issues determination of Critical Factors on which strategic plan is based.
- Actively engages the entire Executive Team.
- Weighted and scored ratings furnish weighted strategic gaps.
- Systematic analysis of the gaps gives rise to specific strategic plan actions and projects.
- Plan actions and projects developed on a robust first principles basis.
- Leads to a Strategic Action Plan.
- Generates a Strategic Project Plan.
- Multi-year critical resource-based plan.
- High Value Deliverable.
90% of strategic plans fail
Strategic Project Failure is at Epidemic Proportions 

I have devoted my professional life to a deep understanding of how to eliminate failure through a structured engineering approach to business planning and execution.

To enable clear systematic dialog, I developed the StratSnap© analysis tool together with methods and training to empower leaders to develop their own robust strategies.
My engineering approach:
- Meticulous design detail
- Meticulous planning detail and costing
- Multi-disciplinary teams and specialists
- High professional standards and legal accountability
- Cross checking and double-checking important details
- Physical world metaphor and impact analysis
- Engineers know the limitations of their expertise and when to call in specialists
Map of the Strategic Environment

The global pandemic has changed the business landscape for many sectors. Your current plan may be obsolete. At the very least, your plan needs to be reviewed.

Now is the time to adopt my engineering approach.
Get my Webinar and equip yourself to develop your own plan:
  • Part 1:  Strategy Defined. A comprehensive definition of strategy.
  • Part 2:  The Strategic Environment. A Critical Issues Analysis technique to measure and define the strategic environment and goals.
  • Part 3:  Actionable Plans. A Structured Planning technique that considers the REAL resource constraints and Key Performance Indicators.
Webinar - Strategy: What is it? And HOW to produce actionable plans
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Strategy: What is it? HOW to develop actionable plans
Webinar - Strategy: What IS it? HOW to develop actionable plans
  • Part 1:  Strategy Defined 
  • Part 2:  The Strategic Environment
  • Part 3:  Actionable Plans

This Webinar is for every executive who is frustrated that their current planning methods fail to produce the desired business improvement.

Strategy: What is it? HOW to develop actionable plans
No Worries. My Webinar Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back
I am so confident of my method, that I will return your money if, within 30 days of watching the Webinar, you do not see yourself achieving better results with my approach.
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